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Welcome to the Tello Flyers wiki

This wiki is currently 'UNDER INITIAL CONSTRUCTION' - and I'm just now learning all this - so thanks for your understanding!
Please feel free to Contribute content , or just Bookmark and come back later to see the additions.

About the Ryze Tello

The Tello - a small quad with a big heart!

Tello is a product of Ryze Robotics main page or see Ryze Technology 'About' page
With the aid of a bottom infrared emitter and sensor on either side of a downward facing monochrome camera, Tello is very stable to fly and can reliably hover in place.
The camera + firmware use an amazing technology called 'optical flow' to establish and maintain a stable hover, and can also calculate distance from Home.

The Tello EDU - a 'smarter' Tello?

The Tello EDU is the educational version, designed ......

The Tello Ironman - a 'colorful' Tello?

Specs to be added soon.

-more later-

About this page

This wiki hopes to help owners of the Ryze Tello quadcopter learn more about their little marvel, determine solutions to issues they may be having...
And have the most FUN possible with little Tello!

Tello Flyers wiki will cover general information on:

  • Apps
  • Controllers
  • WiFi Extenders
  • Cases
  • Accessories
  • Motors
  • Incompatibilities
  • Quirks of certain Devices or Android versions
  • and/or the best suggestions to solve certain problems

I'll do my best to make sure the info on the wiki is factual and, if it's a technique or workaround, that it's confirmed to work.

the Tello Pilots forum

The best place for reading and getting answers to specific questions is the TelloPilots forum
The 'Search' function there works very well!

Tips and Tricks

OK... Let's start with Apps and Controllers

Android apps

Tello (by Ryze)

- available in Google Play store, free
- works with Gamesir T1d via Bluetooth only, sometimes causes interference with the video stream, tho some users report no interference.
- works with T1s, also via BT only, everything (wifi, bt, app) has to be started in a certain sequence, at least the first time (to be added later)
- not known to work with any OTG controllers

aTello (Krag)

- available on github, free, no recent development

aTelloPilot (bluejune)

- available on Google Play store, $4.49 USD
- Very good alternative to the oem Tello app
- Has many cool functions and features
- Supports other controllers besides the T1d (more specifics later)

DroneVR+ (Appologics)

- available on Google Play store, free for Tello

TelloFPV (volate!lo)

- available on Google Play store, $4.99 USD
- The "new kid on the block" - clean GUI, loaded with features
- Very versatile regarding controllers - any that Android recognizes will work
- Controller response can be fine tuned
- Confirmed to work well with legacy Android devices - all the way back to v5.x... even works well with the cheapest Fire 7 tablet (5th gen) from many years ago!
- etc

iOS apps

Tello (OEM)

-available from Apple store


Gamepad style controllers

Parrot Flypad

  • Users report very precise and accurate control, but some video interference

Gamesir T1d

  • Can connect with Bluetooth only

Gamesir T1

  • Connects with Bluetooth or wired OTG cable/adapter

Gamesir T1s

- Connects with Bluetooth, OTG, or with included 2.4Ghz USB adapter.
- Compatible with Android and iOS.
- Connected to a device via Bluetooth, the T1s can cause interference with the Tello wifi video signal.
- Connected via OTG results in no video interference.
- The T1s can also connect to computers, Android televisions, and Playstation PS3 consoles.

Gamesir G3w

  • Connects with micro-usb/usb-c via adapter to Android (wired)
- Compatible 'native' with aTelloPilot and TelloFPV
- Wired connection via usb results in no video interference.
- The G3w can also connect to Windows computers, Android televisions, and Playstation PS3 consoles.


  • description

SteelSeries Stratus

  • description


  • description

RC style controllers




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  • TelloPilots forum site
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